About Me:

Andreas Lopez

Andreas Lopez

Game Designer, Webmaster & UX Designer

Andreas is very dedicated and hardworking with exceptional design skills. He is particularly detail-oriented and very quick to point out any flaws or improvements that can be made in technical details. He is also very creative as he has contributed many useful and innovative ideas in the course of our project.

Leigh Chan

Game Designer Lead, Space Dwarves Entertainment

Andreas is exemplary game designer who works with the utmost productivity and ingenuity. As a game designer for SDE he was always the first to complete requested tasks. Not only would he complete them, but he would often go as far as to anticipate and surpass the next few assignments as well

Evan Fowler

Narrative Team Lead, Space Dwarves Entertainment | Wander Isle Studios

Andreas was an exceptional asset for MCI Health. Industrious and possesing good organizational skills, Andreas quickly advanced his first year and was soon providing innovative solutions improving his department and the company in general. He is a focused, bright and talented and it is my pleasure to recommend him.

Jason Mankiewicz

COO, MCI Health

Andreas was a good partner and good friend at the same time. He constantly challenged me to push myself, but accepted when I hit limits I simply couldn’t pass at that time. He would listen to ideas that I had, even if they were more in his department, and work with them; if it turned out to be something that would improve our project, he would thank me and implement it. He would even take time to help me understand and answer questions I had, as long as the situation was appropriate.

In addition, he took the time to learn about how to best interact with me, and that helped us work better as a team, rather than simply two individuals. That interaction, in my opinion, allowed us to work off each other and make our project ever better.

Andrew Ballard

Founder & Narrative Designer, Mythic Dragon Entertainment

What I can do for you:

Game Design

  • Design engaging mechanics to get and keep a player interested.
  • 2D layouts of entire levels or individual sections.
  • Workflows for mechanics, user interaction and bridge between Programmers and Designers.
  • Game Design Document creation, maintenance and implementation in the production.
  • Research to reflect feature realism, i.e. sword combat or projectile trajectory.
  • Design mathematical functions to balance mechanics.
  • Ensure that narrative, gameplay and art come together to enhance the user experience.

Web Design & SEO

  • Create interesting design from sketches, over mock-ups to a fully functional website.
  • Content-Management-System (CMS) setup, maintenance & mentoring.
  • Theme and template customization.
  • Complete E-Commerce solutions.
  • Meta keywords research and google adwords optimization.
  • Unique solutions tailored to your industry and Corporate Identity.
  • Product database management.

Video Game Accessibility Features

  • Accessibility assessment for your game’s genre, target platform and audience.
  • Cost-Effective implementation plans starting as early as pre-production.
  • Research in standards and consult with programmers on implementation.
  • State of the Art knowledge as Game Accessibility Special Interest Group (GA-SIG) Member.
  • Anything from optimized subtitles to text-to-speech and switch controls.

Website Accessibility Features

  • Easy to use navigation menus and layouts.
  • Alternate text optimization for images, so screen-readers can help their users.
  • Clear contrasts of font, background & images (light – dark, no color – color, blurred background, etc.)
  • Mobile user experience optimization.
  • Easy to read font-types, size, formatting and overall layouts.